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Shag Rug with Pom Poms - Pastel


With a natural base, pastel diamond patterns and delightful pom poms this 100% wool shag rug not only feels wonderful underfoot, but will be a stunning rug for your living room or bedroom. 

By purchasing this gem you are helping preserve generations of skill and craft.  


About this Rug:

  • When you receive your rug, we suggest laying it flat for a little while to help remove the creases.  You can assist this with a cool to warm iron.  
  • This colourful 100% wool shag rug has been handwoven by artisans in Rajasthan, India using traditional techniques and the finest wool.  

 Sizing and Care:

    • Available in sizes: 125cm x 180cm, 150cm x 220cm
    • Please spot clean using mild detergent, warm water and a little bit of elbow grease.  Do not dry clean it. 
    • We recommend that you rotate it every so often to promote even wear.  
    • Custom sizes are available. Please email for more information.
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