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Cotton Quilt Cover Set - Firefighter



Our Firefighter quilt cover is made of 100% high quality soft cotton for the most relaxing sleep. Plus, a lifesaving hero, which child doesn’t dream of becoming one? This bedding makes that dream practically come true. Because the print of this fire-fighter suit looks so real, it’s surreal. Better go to bed early, in case the siren goes off tonight.

These cotton duvet covers encourage little ones to dream big."—Oprah. These beautiful photographic quilts are one of Oprah's favourite products of 2017. 


 About this Quilt:

  • Duvet cover set with photographic print.
  • Made of 100% high quality soft cotton.
  • Thread count: 160
  • Price includes matching pillow case.
  • Designed in Holland, made in Portugal.
  • Please email if a larger quilt size is required. 

 Caring for your product:

  • Wash at 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Tumble dry low.


Image credit: Snurk Bedding

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